INCB announces results of elections

28 April 2011

On Wednesday 27th April, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) held elections in New York for the International Narcotics Control Board for a five-year term (2012-2017).

The INCB consists of 13 members who are elected by the ECOSOC and who serve in their personal capacity, not as government representatives. Three members with medical, pharmacological or pharmaceutical experience are elected from a list of persons nominated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and 10 members are elected from a list of persons nominated by Governments.

From among the five candidates by the World Health Organisation, the ECOSOC re-elected Professor Hamid Ghodse (Islamic Republic of Iran), and elected Wayne Hall (Australia).

From among the fifteen candidates nominated by governments, the ECOSOC elected David T. Johnson (USA), Ahmed Kamal Eldin Samak (Egypt) and Werner Sipp (Germany), and re-elected Jorge Montaño (Mexico) and Raymond Yans (Belgium).


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