Launch of the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy

20 May 2010

The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) is an international network of scientists, academics, and health practitioners committed to improving the health and safety of communities and individuals affected by illicit drugs. Today's drug policies, which focus on efforts to reduce drug supply and use through law enforcement, are ineffective and have not achieved their stated goals of reducing drug consumption or crime.

To this end, the ICSDP conducts scientific research in the form of systematic reviews, evidence-based drug policy guidelines, and research collaborations with scientists and institutions across continents and disciplines. These activities are bolstered by the ICSDP's scientific network, which draws from the highest levels of science and research around the world.

The Scientific Network includes key leaders in HIV and AIDS, addiction, and public health such as Michel D. Kazatchkine, Executive Director, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria; Dr. David Nutt, Chair of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs and Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology, Imperial College, London; and Dr. Julio Montaner, Director, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and President, International AIDS Society.

Get Involved:

  1. Help us build a network of scientists to speak out about evidence-based drug policy. Already over 30 scientists, academics, and health practitioners from over a dozen countries have joined the network in an effort to ensure that illicit drug policies are informed with the best available scientific evidence. If you know someone who has a scientific degree and who is looking to join with other professionals speaking out against the harms associated with conventional drug policies invite them to join the network.
  2. Work with us to build a community of support. The main way we will be sharing our research and education tools with the general public is through our email list. If you know of anyone who will benefit from attending ICSDP events, accessing educational and research resources, and keeping up with monthly drug policy updates tell them about our email list.
  3. Donate and support community health and safety. The ICSDP's mission is to improve community health and safety by conducting research and public education on best practices in drug policy. To do this we rely on financial contributions from individual donors. If you or someone you know feels strongly about reducing the harms associated with illicit drug use and conventional drug policy please donate here or contact us at for more information.