IHRA launches ‘Global State of Harm Reduction' online tool

23 June 2009

IHRA is pleased to announce that a new online version of the Global State of Harm Reduction is now available. This e-tool is the latest in a series of resources that aim to provide up-to-date information on harm reduction policies and programmes around the world.

This online database draws upon the Global State of Harm Reduction 2008 report as well as the latest available research to present an at-a-glance guide to the current state of drug policies and harm reduction responses worldwide.

The information is separated into a Global Overview and nine regional sections for Asia, the Caribbean, Eurasia (covering Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia), Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, North America, Oceania, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Western Europe. Each page has accessible tables, maps and links to other resources. All of the data is referenced and the maps and tables are in a printable format for easy re-use.

The e-tool is a directory of harm reduction – showing which countries are supportive and listing some of the main international and national civil society bodies which are advocating for harm reduction. It will be regularly updated and expanded when new data is found, new research is carried out, or new information is obtained through feedback from e-tool users around the world.

Click here to access the new Global State of Harm Reduction online tool.


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