New IDPC project - A new role for law enforcement

15 May 2009

Many law enforcement managers and analysts have come to the conclusion that strong action against drug production, distribution and use cannot be successful in eradicating drug markets, and that new strategies and approaches are needed. Consistent with general IDPC drug policy principles, we have circulated a concept paper that argues for a re-focusing of drug law enforcement action towards partnership work to reduce the health and social consequences, such as drug related crime or HIV/AIDS. The concept paper describes an IDPC project that aims to bring together law enforcement managers and strategists from around the world to refine ideas for effective use of law enforcement resources, and promote these strategies to the relevant authorities. If you know of any senior law enforcement managers who are supportive of these principles, and who would be interested in engaging with the team currently working on this project, please put them in touch with Ann Fordham at


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