IDPC Member was founded in 1993 and works for an end to drug prohibition worldwide, and an end to the "drug war" in its current form. We believe that much of the harm commonly attributed to "drugs" is really the result of placing drugs in a criminal environment. We believe the global drug war has fueled violence, civil instability, and public health crises; and that the currently prevalent arrest- and punishment-based policies toward drugs are unjust. Consistent with our goal of ending prohibition, also works toward partial reforms of drug policy that are politically feasible in the present, including: marijuana legalization; criminal justice and policing reform; harm reduction practices such as needle exchange; demilitarization of US-driven drug policy in Latin America and other regions, and on the US borders; and availability of substances for medical use; among others. Our primary but not exclusive emphasis is on US policies. pursues these objectives through the following strategies: • Publication of extensive, journalistic-level materials, mostly online, an area in which we are the acknowledged leader; • Long-term organizing of coalitions advocating specific policy reforms for which mainstream support can be mobilized for political change in the near term; • Grassroots activation and mobilization of drug policy reform supporters; and • Incorporating practices in all of our programs that support and grow the drug policy reform movement, and the many organizations that make it up.

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