Pivot's mandate is to use the law to address the root causes of poverty and social exclusion. We engage in strategic litigation and other law reform techniques to bring about social change. We take a bottom up approach to our work, working collaboratively with people impacted by poverty and marginalization to develop a vision for change that will make a meaningful difference in their lives. We are committed to providing people living in poverty with opportunities to develop new skills and to speak for themselves about their needs and issues that affect them. Our four campaign areas are: Homes for All, Sex Workers’ Rights, Accountable Policing, and Health and Drug Policy. Pivot’s Health and Drug Policy campaign focuses on protecting and enhancing the human rights of people who use drugs. Currently, we are involved in legal advocacy around supervised consumption in Canada, heroin-assisted treatment, needle distribution services in prison, combatting mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences, and challenging discriminatory bylaws that prevent access to harm-reduction services.

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