Advancing drug policy reform at the local level


Advancing drug policy reform at the local level

13 June 2024

Local governments are among the key actors in the design of public policies, including drug policies. While they pay significant financial, social and human costs related to the negative consequences of repressive drug policies, it is also at city level that local innovative initiatives may lead to catalyzing change at the national level.

It is thus crucial for local communities and governments to be fully involved in addressing drug policy-related challenges, as also recognized by various UN entities.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy – which aims to inspire better drug policy based on scientific evidence, human rights, public health, and security – has recently been consulting with local governments. Together with local level actors, it is developing a Cities’ Strategy for Drug Policy Reform, which includes a set of Common Principles grounded in human rights.

The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking or “World Drug Day” is marked every year on 26 June. It is also the Global Day of Action of the “Support Don’t Punish” campaign, an initiative in support of harm reduction and drug policies that prioritize public health and human rights.

Geneva, Switzerland / Online
Start26 June 2024
End26 June 2024


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