Just Coca 2022


Just Coca 2022

18 May 2022

The two day event (with interpretation English/Spanish) features 20+ international, multidisciplinary speakers: scientific experts, users, entrepreneurs, drug reform advocates and policy makers providing testimonials, keynote lectures, panel & round table discussions, and plenty of Q&A opportunities for interaction with audience.

Workshop 1 #medicine
Coca leaf in medicine: lege artis on safety & therapeutics for physical & mental health.

Workshop 2 #nutrition
Coca leaf and industrial products: lege artis aspects of nutrition, wellbeing, safety, innovation and process engineering.

Workshop 3: #nature
Sustainable coca cultivation & production in fragile environments: an engine for development, not a threat

Workshop 4 #policy
From the Andeans to the Alps: the changing landscapes of coca leaf laws.

Start17 May 2022
End18 May 2022

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