Philippine harm reduction summit

Philippine harm reduction summit


Philippine harm reduction summit

16 April 2021

There are many sides to any story. Things are not always what they seem.

What if our drug policies, programs, and services can be more responsive, more impactful, more engaging, and support a greater number of people in more long-lasting and sustainable ways?

The Philippine Harm Reduction Summit is a 4-day interactive online experience that gathers Philippine and international experts from multiple disciplines to discuss drugs the way we’ve never done before. We put together a wide range of expertise and experience in one big summit to fit your needs wherever you’re coming from and whatever it is you’re doing. Topics range from:

  • Community building and engagement
  • Drug education
  • Pragmatic and compassionate approaches
  • Drug policy and the role of government

Meet out international speakers:

  • Dr. Carl Hart - Ziff Professor of Psychology (in Psychiatry), Columbia University

  • Dr. Adeeba Kamarulzaman - Chairman, Malaysian AIDS Foundation; President, International AIDS Society

  • Nanna Gotfredsen - Executive Director and Founder, Gadejuristen - The Danish Street Lawyers

  • Dr. Andrew Tatarsky - Founder and Director, Center for Optimal Living

  • Naomi Burke-Shyne - Executive Director, Harm Reduction International

  • Dr. Khuat Thi Hai Oanh - Founder and Executive Director, SCDI, Vietnam

  • Zachary Siegel - Freelance Journalist and Researcher: Public Health, Criminal Legal System

  • Guy Jones - Chemist, Senior Scientist: The Loop

  • Dr. Patt Denning - Co-Founder and Director, Harm Reduction Therapy Center

  • Jeannie Little - Co-Founder and Executive Director, Harm Reduction Therapy Center

  • Sam Nugraha - Executive Director, Rumah Singgah PEKA

  • Kris Nyrop - Independent Consultant, Public Health and Public Safety

  • Gloria Lai - Regional Director: Asia, International Drug Policy Consortium

  • Mat Southwell - Consultant, Coact: Expertise in Drug Use and HIV

  • Rosma Karlina - Women’s Program Coordinator, AKSI Keadilan Indonesia

  • Dr. Dan Ciccarone - Professor, Family and Community Medicine: University of California, San Francisco

  • Dr. Sangeeth Kaur - Vice President, Malaysian Alliance for Drug Policy Reform

  • Zach Rhoads - Addiction Counselor and Family Systems: Developer, Life Process Program

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Start26 April 2021
End29 April 2021


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