By The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), the Center for the Study of Justice, Law and Society (Dejusticia), and the University of Manchester cordially invite you to the first of two events on: 

The Impact of Global Drug Policy on Women: Shifting the Needle

A new publication, The Impact of Global Drug Policy on Women: Shifting the Needle, analyzes the disproportionate impact of failed international drug control policies on women. Approaching these issues through a feminist lens that is often absent in the conventional literature, this new volume addresses the lack of attention to the experiences of women, detailing the challenges women face in accessing appropriate treatment and services, the stigmatization and marginalization resulting from engagement in illegal drug markets, and the punitive sentences imposed on women for drug-related offenses. Co-editors Julia Buxton, Giavana Margo, and Lona Burger have brought together a unique group of authors that includes academics, activists and those with lived experiences.

Join WOLA, IDPC, Dejusticia, and the University of Manchester on Wednesday, March 3, 11 a.m. EST for a virtual presentation of The Impact of Global Drug Policy on Women: Shifting the Needle. The panelists will give a brief overview of the broad scope of issues that place women and other groups in situations of vulnerability as a result of this flawed policy approach, and how to engage those most directly impacted as key stakeholders in the push for reform.

The ebook edition of this title is Open Access and freely available here. The printed version is available for purchase here.

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  • Julia Buxton, Professor, University of Manchester
  • Fiona Macaulay, Associate Professor, University of Bradford
  • Ailish Brennan, Executive Director, Youth RISE
  • Imani Robinson, Editor, TalkingDrugs


  • Marie Nougier, Head of Research and Communications, IDPC


  • Coletta Youngers, Senior Fellow, WOLA / Senior Associate, IDPC