The Bylaws of the Global Fund state that the Partnership Forums should serve as a visible platform for debate, advocacy, continued fundraising, and inclusion of new partners for the development of the next Global Fund’s strategic plan. To this end, the 6th Partnership Forums will be central to the development of the post-2022 Global Fund Strategy. Representatives from across the Global Fund partnership will be convened to review input, evidence and guidance received on strategy development, and debate and distil potential emerging areas of future Strategy focus.

In early 2021, three -virtual- 6th Partnership Forums, with participation from individuals representing the regions listed below as well as a limited number of participants from the Global North, are scheduled as follows:

  1. Partnership Forum I, 9-11 February, 2021: Eastern Europe and Central Asia & Latin America and the Caribbean;
  2. Partnership Forum II, 17-19 February, 2021: Africa and MENA I (includes Morocco, Egypt, Djibouti, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, South Sudan , Algeria, Mauritania, Djibouti, Eritrea);
  3. Partnership Forum III, 3-5 March, 2021: East Asia Pacific, South West Asia and MENA II (includes, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine).

Call for nominations

This call for nominations aims to identify a pool of potential participants from which a selected group will be invited to participate in each Partnership Forum. Due to constraints in the number of people who may attend the 6th Partnership Forums, nominees will be selected based on pre-defined criteria and meeting capacity, to ensure a balanced representation of the broad range of stakeholders that make up the Global Fund partnership.