Peaceful solutions to the war on drugs


Peaceful solutions to the war on drugs

21 November 2020

On the day after the Scottish drug death figures will be released, join us for this special line up of international speakers. They will discuss drug policy reform, the history of the war on drugs, grassroots activism and how we can all get involved in creating change.


5.00 pm Peter Krykant - Peter talks about what we can do now within current frameworks following the Scottish drug deaths report from 15th December 2020. What are the DCRs and Scotland's next steps?

6.00 pm Johann Hari -New York Times & International Best Selling Author of “Chasing the Scream” & “Lost Connections”. Johann will talk about his experiences and perceptions on the War On Drugs, Addictions & Grassroots Activism.

7.00 pm Helen Clarke - Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Chair of the Global Commission on Drug Policy. Helen will talk about drug policy and reform, prohibition, growing consensus for change and the next steps.

Helen will be introduced by the shadow Health secretary of Scotland: Monica Lennon

Date16 December 2020

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