The 2nd CND intersessional meeting for the 63rd session will be held on 8 October at the Vienna International Centre. The meeting will consider the WHO's recommendations on the rescheduling of cannabis and related products.


Please click on the following link to watch the event live:
Webcast Second Intersessional Meeting of the CND in its 63rd Session


The provisional agenda for the intersessional meeting is as follows:

  1. Opening by the Chair and adoption of the agenda
  2. Recapitulation of the topical meetings - procedural summary by the Chair
  3. Statements by Member States /National Statements
  4. Statements by stakeholders on the scheduling recommendations
    • IGOs
    • NGOs
  5. Discussion
  6. Next steps – voting procedure during the reconvened session
  7. Any Other Business and Closing by the Chair


VIC MEETING GUIDELINES: COVID-19, Guidance for participants of meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Civil society participation

Over the past few months, member states and their delegations have been taking part in a series of informal (closed) “topical meetings” online to further discuss each of the WHO recommendations in turn – ahead of the planned vote on these recommendations in December 2020. To compensate for these discussions being closed, they are accompanied by a formal, open “intersessional” meeting on 8th October – which will be a mix of in-person participation in Vienna, and online participation via Microsoft Teams and a web-cast.

VNGOC has been invited to select five NGO representatives to make formal interventions at this meeting (either in person, or remotely) – to provide inputs, evidence and arguments related to the WHO recommendations on cannabis and related substances. We will do so using the usual open call for speakers – please see below for details. Participant numbers will be limited in the UN building in Vienna due to COVID-19, so please contact us for more information if you are interested in attending this meeting in person.