The Consortium of the Erasmus + Project Betrad (Better treatment for ageing drug user) is pleased to announce the launch of a 3 day training event for health workers working in or planning to establish services for the population of elderly drug user.

Because of demographic developments of the aging population in almost all countries of the European Union, social and health structures are in an ongoing process of adapting adequate responses to this challenge. Dependency of psychoactive substances, is still associated with young people, while, the proportion of older chronic, problematic drug users have increased significantly over the last decades. Older drug users are likely to suffer from the negative social and health consequences of decades of drug use. Services have to adapt.

The training consits of lectures, group work, discussions and site visits in facilities in Frankfurt. Training Modules: 1. Illicit substances and Opioid Substitution Treatment 2. “Aged, dependent and ill” – Multi-professional case conference 3. Problematic ethical situations working with the target group 4. Exchange on social networks, situations and environments of ageing drug users in different EU-countries 5. Health Promotion and Infection Prophylaxis 6. Initial aid for new projects: panel discussion.