By Drug Czeching 

Various harmful impurities and impurities occurring in illegal psychotropic substances acquired on the black market are often the cause of dangerous and society-burdening issues. Testing for substance cleanliness can thus break down a large part of these costs and difficulties, which is one of the basics of meaningful harm reduction policies (minimizing user harm).

The harm reduction philosophy in the world has shown positive results for a long time, and the Czech Republic is an example of the world in terms of testing the purity of substances, but we are lagging behind in both legislative and practical terms. We believe that together, we can find a way to implement safely and effectively at least some of the solutions that have already proven abundantly abroad.

What do we know about testing? What opportunities do you offer in this area? What do experts recommend from practice and field people? What are the experiences with testing the purity of substances themselves? Are club owners and festival organizers for or against? And what is the position of protectors and draftsmen in this debate? Answers to some of these questions are often very surprising ...