Come and join our training workshop and become an active campaigner for safer drug laws.

We are holding a training session for anyone who wants to get actively involved in changing UK drug policy to create a healthier, safer society. We will be looking at how we can campaign together to show our politicians that the public increasingly supports reform. We will provide you with all the skills you need to campaign for change in your local area - including how to fundraise, letter writing, social media, take to the streets and more...

The training will be suitable for new activists. It will cover the basics of how to confidently make the case for legal regulation, how to find common ground with your audience, linking policy to the issues that matter to people, and how to respond to challenging concerns.

This is your chance to put drug policy reform at the top of the agenda!

The session will be very active and participatory, while also providing practical advice and materials to use when campaigning.

Help us end the drug war, protect families and save lives today.

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The training will be delivered in partnership with Support Don't Punish.