International Drug Checking Day is held March 31, 2018. It’s an initiative conducted by a diverse group of organizations that all play an active part in the delivery of harm reduction services pertaining to substance use. Their goal on the 31st of March is to raise public awareness of the availability of drug checking services and companies from across the planet. They're hosting a multitude of giveaways, A massive Reddit AMA, Youtube videos, and other events to help spread the word. They mean not only to focus on substance testing methods, but also hope to remind people to test their knowledge about drugs and their effects. After all, taking a drug always comes with risks. By raising awareness and sharing knowledge they hope to improve the accessibility of numerous substance oriented harm reduction methods – not only for users, but also for the governmental organizations worldwide who have been searching for a solution to the substance use issues that their citizens face on a daily basis.

Most events will be free and you don’t need to buy any tickets.

Across the globe, all kinds of various events will be held. The founder will attend the celebration march held at De Dam, Amsterdam.

Thumbnail: Flickr CC Cambodia, P.I. Network