The theme of the 6th Asia Pro Bono Conference is "Strengthening Pro Bono Culture: Unity and Diversity"
In previous years we have had a broad and diverse range of thematic topics on the programme and in 2017 we believe that the programme is even more dynamic. To view the full list of session topics please click here
We are seeking presenters who are active in pro bono, knowledgeable, and dynamic to be session presenters at the 6th Asia Pro Bono Conference in Kuala Lumpur (2017). We extend this invitation to join this exciting Conference by submitting a presentation on "Strengthening Pro Bono Culture: Unity and Diversity".
For full guidelines on how to submit a presentation click here: Be a Conference Presenter
Please submit presentations to the Pro Bono Conference Program Committee by April 17th, 2017.

6th Asia Pro Bono Conference Session Highlight

Pro Bono, Drug Users, and Access to Justice in Asia

People who use drugs in Asia are at greater risk of deleterious interactions with police than non drug using community members and are consequently disproportionately overrepresented in the criminal justice system. This leads them to face the significant likelihood of spending periods of time in prison or compulsory detention. The majority of these people face only minor or misdemeanor charges associated with their drug use and in many cases would be released from the criminal justice system if they had access to legal representation. This panel symposium will bring together legal service providers from across Asia who are seeking to grow the potential of pro-bono (including clinic and legal aid services) to support access to justice for people who use drugs (PWUD). Supporting the unmet legal needs (criminal, civil and administrative) of people who use drugs in Asia will not only result in decreasing numbers of people unnecessarily caught up in the criminal justice system but will also ensure that the negatives individual and public health implications of detention are averted. The session will also act as an initial step in a multi-faceted process to develop and strengthen a regional pro bono network alliance which provides support for PWUD. A follow up strategic network building meeting will be held on September 2nd, in Bali, following the 5APBC. Those attending the session and interested in attending and participating at this meeting will be invited to do so.

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