Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia is organizing its first national conference, ‘Challenging The Narratives Of Prohibition’. It will be held at Melbourne University this August, over the 12th and 13th of August, the conference will showcase some of the brightest minds and dedicated activists in drug law reform. This will be an opportunity to bring together students, alumni and allies of drug law reform for a weekend of inspiration, learning and helping to set the future direction of SSDP and drug policy activism in Australia.

Within 18 months of inception, SSDP Australia has become the natural hub for student activism on drug policy around Australia with five registered university clubs, more on the way and an international network of experts, allies and mentors. Working with our student members and allies, SSDP has hosted, presented at and supported many events, and are helping to change the conversation around drug use at campuses around the country. Students at seven different universities had tables at Orientation Week providing information on drugs and drug use, overdose prevention, harm reduction and policy reform. With representatives from many universities and several states, we hope this conference will be the place where new leaders emerge to take SSDP to the next stage.

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