We now have the highest number of drug deaths since records began. The UK and Scotland both have an unprecedented number of fatalities – so much so that these tragedies now outnumber road deaths. We have to ask: are our drug laws working?

Chaired by Ronnie Cowan MP, join LEAP UK (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) as we collectively host an evening of discussion on Scotland and Inverclyde’s drug strategies. On the panel we have:

  • Jim Duffy – Serving in the police for 32 years and retiring as a Police Inspector, Jim was the Chair of Strathclyde Police Federation, he is now a prominent member of LEAP UK.
  • Jolene Crawford – Jolene is a member of Anyone’s Child, a group composed of bereaved family members who now work to reform drug laws from a unique and personal perspective.
  • Stephen Malloy – As a board member for INPUD (International Network of People who Use Drugs), Stephen represents the health and interests of those who consume drugs.
  • Alex Nicol – Working as Service Manager at Moving On Inverclyde, Alex and his charity assist residents with potential addiction and the overlapping issues of drug dependency.

Scotland has unique opportunities to divert resources from the criminal justice system to a health-led approach to drug policy. When members of law enforcement come together with members of the community to challenge our existing drug laws, we have to ask why – why do we need reform? Can we learn from other international examples? Can health and compassion reduce harm where punitive policies have failed?

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