It’s a very simple question: Are drugs a political issue? Join us for the last live Stop and Search podcast recording of 2016!

Drug policy- the divide between the political ‘left’ and ‘right’ has never been more blurred. Why does the issue of drugs cut cross the party lines? Is it about time we completely took the issue out of the realms of politics and look for a health-based approach?

Joining us to provide insight from behind the political veil, we have:

  • Ian Birrell - Ian is a former deputy editor of the Independent and worked as a speechwriter for David Cameron during the 2010 election campaign. His bylines include the Daily Mail, Guardian,
  • Ian Dunt - Working as the editor for, Ian is a pundit and regular on the broadcasting circuit. He lends his experienced voice to the political issues of the day. Ian has written extensively on drug policy
  • Julian Huppert - As Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge (2010 – 2015), Dr Julian Huppert had the distinction of being the most scientifically qualified Member of Parliament. He served on the influential Home Affairs Select Committee which held an inquiry into drug policy

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