Founded in 2012 City Health International is a network of individuals and organisations engaged in the study of and response to structural health issues and health behaviours in the urban environment.

For the first time in history the majority of the world’s population now live in urban environments and the proportion continues to grow. As national governments struggle to deal with the pressures and demands of growing urban populations against a backdrop of financial deficits and uncertainty, it is increasingly left to those working at a city level to provide the leadership and support needed to tackle key health issues.

City Health International holds an annual international conference, in a different location each year, which examines current policy and practice in relation to public health and health behaviours in cities.

Please note that City Health 2016 will take place at the Guildhall, in the City of London, on Monday 19th September next year. The registration system for this conference will be launched before Christmas. We are grateful to all of you who continue to support City Health and look forward to seeing you once again in London next year.

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