One of the main activities of the Support. Don’t Punish campaign is a Global Day of Action taking place on 26th June each year.

26th June 2016 will be the 4th Day of Action organised so far. On 26th June 2013, 41 cities from around the world took part in the first ever Global Day of Action. In 2014, 100 cities around the world held a huge variety of different actions. And in 2016, 160 cities joined forces to call for drug policy reform.

Why 26th June?

26th June is the United Nations’ International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking – a day that on which many governments celebrate their contributions to the global ‘war on drugs’. In the past, some governments have even commemorated this day by holding public executions or beatings of drug offenders.

By taking part in the Global Day of Action, you can help to “reclaim” the message on this important day.

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