With new legislation currently being passed through parliament, this one-day conference will be a unique opportunity to examine NPS issues in drug and alcohol treatment services across the UK.

Featuring leading cross-sector expertise, the event will provide an opportunity to discuss the potential impact of future legislation, and the requisite for treatment provision and support for those most affected.

The conference will also take a look beyond the usual media focus on 'legal highs' and will aim to give delegates a sound understanding of the different types of new psychoactive substances (NPS) in circulation.

Delegates will have an opportunity to look at the prevalence of different substances, exploring how they are purchased and how legislation is being implemented to tackle NPS supply.

Drawing on the experiences of Addaction's Young Persons' Service in Kent, there will also be guidance on how to work with users of NPS, and delegates will be given tools that can be used with this demographic as well as tips on how to keep their own knowledge up to date.


Why attend?

- Bring knowledge up to date in a range of areas relating to NPS use/interventions

- Review how services should be operating in order to support:

- NPS using populations

- Early intervention and prevention initiatives

- Explore new initiatives relating to NPS behaviours and informing the evidence base in taking these forward


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