Join us this Friday, March 25 to “Just Say Nyet” to Russia’s War on People Who Use Drugs!

WHAT: Demand the Russian government adopt harm reduction and public health approaches to drug use.
WHEN: Next Friday, March 25th at 11AM. Meet up at 10:30AM.
WHERE: 68th Street & Lexington Avenue in Manhattan
TRAVEL: Take the 6 train to 68th Street & Lexington Ave.

We’re targeting Russia for for criminalizing harm reduction and public health approaches to drug use, which has caused an explosion of new HIV infections. The action is part of VOCAL’s series of events in the weeks leading up to the UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs (UNGASS), the largest global drug policy meeting in more than a decade, which will take place in NYC in April. Read more about Russia’s terrible drug policy in the attached briefing paper, and learn about UNGASS here.

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