July 28 is approaching and this year’s Prevent Hepatitis campaign has a really strong social media element. For the first time this year we have a specific messaging pillar on harm reduction, together with a supporting infographic. One of the key messages we are trying to reach the public with is that of surface transmission – something that most people who use drugs do not consider; for policy makers we are pushing the need to support evidence based harm reduction as part of a health based approach to drug policies.


As part of our World Hepatitis Day awareness campaign we have set up a Thunderclap, which has a supporting video and sign-up from British actor/comedian Stephen Fry and sign-up from Sir Richard Branson. We would be very grateful if as many NGOs as possible could sign-up again this year. We have already hit a reach of nearly 16 million and with your help our important message will reach an even greater audience.

4000 voices

We also have the social media campaign ‘4000 voices’, calling for an end to the 4000 deaths caused each day by viral hepatitis; 4000 deaths which are preventable through vaccination, treatment, and awareness. To join the campaign simply tweet a message with the hashtag #4000voices and the IDPC Twitter avatar will be added to our mosaic, providing a ‘voice’ for the 4000 people who will lose their lives from hepatitis on World Hepatitis Day.  

Campaign Supporters wall

The final opportunity to show support for the campaign is through our Campaign Supporters wall on the official WHD website. Organisations can upload their logo with a link back to their website, to show that they support better awareness of and advocacy for viral hepatitis.

World Hepatitis Day events

We are keen to promote any events happening to mark World Hepatitis Day. Our interactive map can help members of the public find out what is happening in their area, and also helps to illustrate that there is a global advocacy movement. If any of you are planning activities around the day, you can upload them to our website using a simple form

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