Source: Sands Cymru reducing drug and alcohol harm

What does Britain think ?

  • 53% of people believe that the Government’s approach to illegal drugs is currently ineffective
  • 88% believe that, whether we like it or not, there will always be people who use drugs, and that the aim should therefore be to reduce the amount of harm they cause themselves and others
  • 59% of Brits consider that people who use illegal drugs but have not committed any other crime should, in general be treated as people who may need treatment and support
  • 67% UK support for a review of drug policy
  • 86% Do not want tougher enforcement / heavier penalties
  • 40% of the public supported the introduction of the same policy as Portugal in the UK (Data Yougov / Mori Polls)

We must learn from countries such as Portugal, Germany and Switzerland that are taking a brave lead in trying new ways to treat the drug problem as a health issue. UK politicians must be equally brave and listen to the people who, as the surveys show, want them to find a new way.

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