7th Autralian Drug and Alcohol Strategy Conference (ADASC)


7th Autralian Drug and Alcohol Strategy Conference (ADASC)

18 December 2014

The Queensland Police Service and the Australian Federal Police welcome you to Brisbane for the 7th Australasian Drug and Alcohol Strategy Conference to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 17 - 20 March 2015.

The ADASC 2015 provides an invaluable opportunity to share experiences between policing jurisdictions, health service providers, policy analysts, academics and industry representatives. ADASC 2015 facilitates strong partnerships and enables us to work in collaboration to minimise the detrimental effects of alcohol and other drugs.

The theme Building Collaborative Partnership – responding within and across borders represents the physical jurisdictional borders that law enforcement agencies face. Borders can act as constraints preventing progress and effective partnerships between law enforcement, health, academia and other service providers. With a committed approach from all agencies across Australasia we can overcome these physical and metaphorical borders.

We anticipate that the ADASC 2015 will enhance, develop and foster inter-agency partnerships and collaboration within and across borders. It promises to be an exciting, interesting and significant program and we look forward to seeing you in Brisbane in 2015.

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