Psychedelic drugs have fascinated and delighted humans for thousands of years. Studies indicate that they can leave people calmer, happier, kinder and more open-minded, and they are being investigated as a treatment for a range of psychiatric illnesses.

Although the authorities continue to attempt to prevent their use, there are signs that the time may be right to push for their legalisation.

At this event, we will investigate the benefits of psychedelics, the arguments for legalisation and ask: how can we mainstream psychedelics? What are our strongest arguments, and the current political opportunities? Can we learn from other liberation movements? What's our vision of a 'psychedelic society'?

Short thoughtpieces from:

  • Prof David Nutt (Prof of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London and Chair of DrugScience) on the latest science of psychedelics
  • David Babbs (Executive Director of 38 Degrees) on lessons learned from other liberation campaigns
  • Arielle Nylander (Welfare Enough festival support) on conditions for safe and responsible usage in a psychedelic society
  • Steve Rolles (Transform) on the arguments for legalisation and the political context

Followed by audience Q&A

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