The International Security Department at Chatham House would like to invite you to the following event "Drug policy reform: Learning from the Portuguese model".

This expert roundtable will consider the case of Portugal, thirteen years after the country decriminalized drug use and started treating rather than punishing addicts. The event will coincide with the upcoming release of the “International Comparators Study on Drug Policy” by Home Office Minister Norman Baker, who will introduce the report and discuss the key findings and their implications for UK drug policy. Professor Alexander Stevens of the University of Kent will share his insights into the advantages and drawbacks of the Portuguese model and its applicability to the UK context.

The roundtable will create an opportunity for focused discussion to explore how some of the best elements of Portugal’s experience might translate to the UK context, and work towards agreeing some evidence-based principles that could govern a more effective approach for the future.

This roundtable is part of a Chatham House series of discussions that consider different approaches to the international drugs trade and drug policy.

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Tea and Coffee will be served from 10.00 for a prompt start at 10.30.

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