Frontline Response to Trauma: A key to recovery


Frontline Response to Trauma: A key to recovery

4 November 2013

People who have experienced trauma are over-represented within the problem drug-using population. Scottish Drugs Forum’s 2012 conference on self-medication explored the complex relationship between substance use and trauma-coping. But how can treatment services respond to this phenomenon?

Frontline Response to Trauma: a key to recovery will see the official national launch of a major report on trauma and recovery among injecting drug users, a partnership between SDF and Professor Richard Hammersley.

One of the key conclusions of this Big Lottery-funded research is:

‘Drug services need to be more trauma-minded, focusing less on drugs and more on underlying traumas and life difficulties.’

Frontline Response to Trauma: a key to recovery takes up this challenge and looks at how capacity can be built within frontline drug services to:

  • Identify clients who have experienced trauma and whose drug
    use is, at least in part, a form of trauma-coping
  • Explore and make explicit the links between drug use and trauma
    with clients
  • Develop appropriate and effective frontline responses to these
    clients’ needs
  • Work in partnership with specialist mental health services when
  • Promote recovery with these clients.

This conference will be useful to:

  • Management and staff of frontline drug services
  • Those involved in planning, designing and commissioning
  • Alcohol and Drug Partnership Boards and staff
  • Staff and management of services working with problem drug users in criminal justice, family, housing, homelessness and other settings.?

Click here for more details on the conference and the venue.

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Glasgow, UK
Start26 November 2013
End3 November 2013

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