1st International Conference on Drug Policy

28 November 2013

The Chilean Medical Association (COLMED), and the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research & Service (ICEERS), with the support of the Open Society Institute and the collaboration of Cultiva Medicina, are organizing the First International Conference on Drug Policy, this November 29th in Santiago of Chile.

For the first time in this country, specialists in the field of drug use in the country and abroad, representatives of the healthcare community, psychiatry and neurology associations, national government agents and Uruguay administration advisors, among others, will meet to discuss about this subject to impact over drug policies issues in a crucial time before the next chilean presidential election.

They will argue about the drug global effects, (social, health, ethical, economic, racial, etc.) on a wide policy context, based more on scientists facts than moral beliefs.

The objective of this event is open the issue in the context of a policy with a broad view, based on public health and human rights, rather than police prosecution and criminal look.

This activity is an effort that contributes to put Latinamerica as a leader in generate new looks about the subject of drugs, to influence over the stakeholders of the countries.

The invited speakers are Dr. Enrique Paris , President of COLMED; Francisca Florenzano, SENDA Director; Dr. Daniel Martínez , Director of Psychiatry Society of Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosurgery ( SONEPSYN ) of Chile ; Dr. Raquel Peyraube , ICEERS Clinical Director and Advisor to the Uruguayan Government Drug Policy; Aram Barra , Program Officer for Latin America Transform Drug Policy Foundation in Mexico ; Dr. Sergio Sanchez Bustos, Drug Policy Advisor Chilean Medical Association ; Dr. José Carlos Bouso , IMIM Clinical Investigator and Director of Scientific Projects ICEERS , Spain ; Mariano Fusero , Advocate and Secretary of the National Committee for Equality, Argentina ; Eduardo Vergara , Director Asuntos del Sur and Ingrid Tartakowsky , Research and Executive ICEERS both of Chile.

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Santiago de Chile, Chile
Date28 November 2013

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