The International Drug Policy Reform Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on October 23-26, 2013 and brings together more than 1,000 people who believe that the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. You will be among a broad range of drug policy stakeholders – academics, health care and drug treatment professionals, law enforcement, veterans, formerly incarcerated people, elected officials, students, and many others from around the country and across the world! Deepen your connections with the movement for drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights, and register now!

This year attendees will have the opportunity to spend three days interacting with people committed to finding alternatives to the war on drugs while participating in sessions given by leading experts from around the world. For 2013, there will be over 50 sessions over the course of three days, including several plenary sessions.  Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this event!

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Side events

Gearing Up: The 2016 United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs

Friday, October 25th, 17:30-19:30

Location: Governor’s Square 16, Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, 1550 Court Place, Denver

Organised by the Harm Reduction Coalition and the International Drug Policy Consortium

This workshop will help prepare reform organizations for the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs to be held in New York in 2016, and will aim to do the following:

  • Provide an overview of the international drug treaties and the UN drug control system;
  • Discuss progress made by civil society in recent years at the UN;
  • Consider ways in which the reform com­munity can maximize its influence on drug policy and engage with their own government officials and the UN in preparation for the UNGASS.

Ending the war on drugs: Making the case for regulation of drug markets in Latin America and beyond

Sunday, October 27th, from 1:30 - 3:00 pm.

Location: Governors Square 14

Organised by Transform and México Unido contra la Delincuencia

This workshop will focus on how to meaningfully engage with the drug policy reform debate, how to talk about regulation models, messaging and framing arguments for different audiences, and how to respond to common concerns. The focus will be on the debate in Latin America, but the themes will be relevant for all reformers. A workshop organized by Transform Drug Policy Foundation and México Unido Contra la Delincuencia as part of The International Drug Policy Reform Conference 2013.

Drug Researchers and Academics Meet & Greet 

Thursday, October 24th, 6:15 – 7:45 PM

Location: Plaza Court 3

Organized by Drug Policy Alliance, JustPublics@365 and the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy

Come meet drug researchers and academics from across disciplines to discuss how we can better influence drug policy reform efforts. This is an informal gathering to talk to one another about our current research and advocacy efforts as well as to discuss effective strategies for academics interested in having their research reach a broader audience to impact policy change.  JustPublics@365 is a Ford Foundation funded initiative that works to transform scholarly communication for the public good.

Working with researchers

Saturday, October 25th 11:45 AM -1:15 PM
Location: Plaza D

Organised by Dan Werb and Michaela Montaner, ICSDP
This training session will focus on how to work effectively with researchers to achieve your advocacy goals. The goal of the session is to improve the ability of advocates to effectively employ data and evidence in their work and to find, engage with, and mobilize relevant researchers. The session will be facilitated by a researcher and communicator from the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy. Drawing on case studies from local and international advocacy efforts, the session will cover examples of how to include research(ers) in a variety of advocacy activities, including sign-on petitions, media releases, litigation, media and social media campaigns, report writing, public polling and more.

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