The Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) is the central policymaking body within the United Nations system dealing with drug-related matters. In line with the 2009 Political Declaration and Plan of Action, the CND monitors the world drug situation, develops strategies on international drug control and recommends measures to combat the world drug problem, including through reducing demand for drugs, promoting alternative development and adopting supply reduction measures.

Latest updates

Agenda of the CND

The official agenda of the CND is available here:

A preliminary draft of the list of official side events at the CND is available here:

Thematic debate and roundtables

This year, the thematic debate will consist of three roundtables:

  • Round-table (a): Demand reduction and related measures: “Drug prevention as a means to curb the world drug problem within the framework of a scientific evidence approach”
  • Round-table (b): Supply reduction and related measures: “The importance of international cooperation, coordination and funding to promote relevant activities and programmes on all aspects of alternative development in support of the drug control regime established by the three international drug control conventions, within a broader international framework”
  • Round-table (c): Countering money-laundering and promoting judicial cooperation to enhance international cooperation: “The importance of further strengthening the operational implementation of treaty-based provisions on international cooperation, including for countering money-laundering and preventing the illicit cross-border movement of cash and monetary instruments”

Civil society hearing and NGO dialogues

  • 2nd Informal Civil Society Hearing: Monday 11 March, 14:30 to 18:00, Conference Room M3
  • NGO dialogue with Mr. Raymond Yans (President of the INCB): Tuesday 12 March, 14:00 to 15:00, UNIS Multimedia Room G0545
  • NGO dialogue with Mr. Yuri Fedotov (Executive DIrector of UNODC): Wednesday 13 March, 10:15 to 11:15, Conference Room M3


For a full list of draft resolutions that will be presented at CND, please click here.

CND Blog

As in previous years, IDPC will be blogging live during the CND. This year, we will be blogging both in English and Spanish!

IDPC side events

In collaboration with members and key partners, IDPC will be organising parallel events on drug policy issues from Sunday 10 to Thursday 14 March:

Sunday 10 March, 17:00-onwards: CND orientation briefing meeting and welcome reception: We are delighted to welcome you to our CND orientation briefing, during which IDPC will provide useful information about the CND proceedings, events of interest, key topics and resolutions.  The meeting will be followed by a welcome reception.

Tuesday 12 March, 13:15-14:45, Mozart Room, VIC restaurant: Cannabis policy reform and the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (Invitation only): This event aims to discuss the potential for cannabis policy reform, and explore the tensions between national reforms and the 1961 Convention.

Wednesday 13 March, 8:45-9:50, Conference Room M7: Modernising drug law enforcement: Organised by the Permanent Missions of Switzerland and the Czech Republic and IDPC, the event will examine new strategies and tactics directed at reducing drug market related harm and focusing resources towards the most damaging aspects of the illicit market.

Wednesday 13 March, 8:45-9:50, Conference Room M3: Drug policy in the African Union: Organised by the Permanent Mission of Tanzania, the African Union Commission and IDPC, this event will introduce the new AU Plan of Action on Drug Control, and discuss recent developments in Africa – including the West African Drug Policy Commission and national-level drug policy reform in Tanzania.

Wednesday 13 March, 13:15-14:45, Mozart Room, VIC restaurant: The Latin American agenda for drug policy reform: Latin American experts will present efforts underway to reform drug laws and drug policies in the region, in this event organised by IDPC, the Transnational Institute and the Washington Office on Latin America.

Thursday 14 March, 13:15-14:45, Mozart Room, VIC restaurant: Decriminalisation: Definitions and models of delivery: Drug policy experts will discuss the different models of decriminalisation that have been developed across the world, and highlight the effects of these policies in practice, in this event organised by IDPC and Release.

For a full list of IDPC side events and other events of interest, please open the document below:

Information for NGOs attending the CND

The Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC) has just released its Guide for NGOs and CSOs attending the CND, with practical and logistical information about the CND and the Vienna International Centre. For more information, please also visit the VNGOC website.

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