11th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP)


11th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP)

21 February 2013

ICAAP 11 aims to create a “Game Change” impact on the HIV/AIDS response in Asia and the Pacific region by providing a forum where innovative and evidence-based research programmes and policies to combat HIV/AIDS are exhibited to generate and reinforce public attention on the issues. The ultimate goal of ICAAP 11 is to advance effective and sustainable response to HIV/AIDS in the region.

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Side Events

The ICAAP events that IDPC is organising, or co-organising, are:

WEDNESDAY 20 November 2013

Let’s talk about drugs—role of the media in combating stigma and discrimination against people who use drugs – Discussion

  • Time: 1000-1100 ; Venue: IDU Networking Zone

THURSDAY 21 November 2013

Drug policy advocacy in Thailand—launch of the new civil society strategy

Co-organised with Foundation for AIDS Rights (Thailand), Thai Drug Users Network, 12D (Thai civil society coalition on harm reduction) & PSI Thailand Foundation – Discussion

  • Time 1000-1100 ; Venue: IDU Networking Zone

Support Don’t Punish: Rights-based and evidence-informed policies on drug use and HIV risks

  • Time: Thursday, 21st November 2013, 14:00-15:30,
  • Location: Room: Hall F

The session will discuss drug control policies that drive stigma and discrimination against people who use drugs in terms of access to HIV prevention services. It will highlight efforts to reform punitive laws and practices relating to drug use, as well as initiatives to enhance the involvement of people who use drugs and civil society organisations in policy processes – in line with a ‘Support Don’t Punish’ ethos.

This IDPC session includes the launch of two IDPC reports, Drug policy advocacy in Asia and Drug control and harm reduction in Thailand.


  • Global drug policy developments relevant to access of people who use drugs to HIV-related services: Challenges and opportunities. Ann Fordham, Executive Director, International Drug Policy Consortium
  • Regional trends in HIV and drug use policies, and the importance of ASEAN, Fifa Rahman, Policy Manager, Malaysian AIDS Council
  • Empowering people who use drugs: the significance of capacity building initiatives and meaningful participation, Mr. Bijay Pandey, Chairperson of Executive Board, Asian Network of People who Use Drugs
  • Drug policy developments, harm reduction and civil society advocacy in Thailand Ms. Supatra Nacapew, Director, Foundation for AIDS Rights, Thailand


  • Dr. Monica Beg, Chief, HIV/AIDS Section, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

International Drug Policy Consortium Members Meeting

IDPC members: this is a tentative time and venue. Please, advise Gloria Lai (glai@idpc.net) if this time does not suit you. We would really appreciate the chance to meet with you.

  • Time: 1630 - 1730 ; Venue: IDU Networking Zone

FRIDAY 22 November 2013

UN General Assembly Special Session 2016: Regional priorities for civil society

Co-organised by Harm Reduction International – Time: 1000 – 1100 ; Venue: IDU Networking Zone

Please advise Gloria Lai (glai@idpc.net) as soon as possible if you would like to join but this time is not suitable.

More about Support. Don't Punish at the IDU Networking Zone activities at ICAAP 2013

In IDU – Networking Zone will be arrange as a relaxing area which will provide all-day Tea, Coffee, water and snack serving. We will decorate with cozy, comfy and down-to-earth atmosphere. We open this zone as a “Dialogue Space” , which everyone can discuss, exchange ideas, input experiences of works in different regions to each other. We will decorate with big cushions, low coffee table some of sofa and will have counter for anyone who can do the “Self-service” for the favorite drink.

For the panel, will need 3-4 chairs for the speakers, and moderators, microphone, and amplifier will be set up and decorate with green trees in order to create the friendly atmosphere for everyone. There will be a poster and sign to show our campaign “Support. Don‟t Punish”

Will have a corner for visitors to take their photos with the campaign banners and able to check-in and upload to FACEBOOK/Twitter/Instragram or other Social networks to get the prizes from us.

Among the activities, it is the dissemination of the campaign “Support. Don‟t Punish”.

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And read the document below to see a roadmap of sessions and activities on people who use drugs (last updated on 14th November):

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