This event presents a great opportunity to strengthen regional dialogue on the prospects and priorities of action for the prevention of STIs, AIDS and viral hepatitis throughout Latin America.

The overarching theme of the conference is "Health systems, community networks and the challenge of prevention." The goal is to reflect on the road already travelled and to construct effective public policies in the area of STIs / AIDS and viral hepatitis in addition to a purposeful discussion on the strategies and actions that need to be expanded, improved or abandoned for universal and equitable access to prevention.

On the first day, activities will focus on the reform of health systems in Brazil, Latin America and the CaribbeanThe second day is entitled "Care Network: service, community and place of prevention". The discussion will focus on issues such as coordinated action to provide comprehensive care, what is the role of community action and what the role of the health services network. Finally, day three will address the ongoing challenge of prevention.

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