Congress overview

ICAAP is the second largest HIV/AIDS forum in the world and is a biennial gathering for the release and discussion of scientific, programmatic and policy developments in the global response to the issues of HIV/AIDS. The Co-convener of ICAAPs is the ASAP and UNAIDS. ICAAP promotes opportunities for greater regional collaboration, sharing of ideas amongst people infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemics from across the Asia and the Pacific region and provides regional and national organisations, governments and individual stakeholders with space to enhance their mutual contributions in the response to HIV/AIDS.

Theme of the Congress

The theme of the ICAAP10 is “Diverse Voices, United Action.” HIV/AIDS epidemic is not only deemed as a health issue but a political as well as social and economic one. The pertinent partakers therefore are from diverse backgrounds in society today and we should be able to accommodate the different and changing needs by accepting and working with voices from everyone and anyone. By sharing knowledge and experience at the ICAAP10, we shall be able to step forward further to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic as one. ICAAP10 offers a platform where we shall be united in action.

Overall Objectives of the Congress 

  • To accomplish the theme “Diverse Voices, United Action,” ICAAP10 promotes its objectives by creating an opportunity to enhance our responses to HIV/AIDS at the local, regional and global levels.
  • To empower and strengthen political, community and business leadership by adopting a consultative, collaborative and participatory   approaches.
  • To offer a platform where different voices from diverse counterparts across Asia and the Pacific could be reassembled to   deliver a united action
  • To exchange and share achievements, successes and best practices.
  • To ensure that affected communities and their families are free from stigmatisation, marginalisation and discrimination by   addressing political, social, economic and cultural barriers and working towards societies where the full range of human rights and protections could be taken for granted.
  • To promote equal access to prevention, support, treatment and care for all people.

Registration to the Congress is now open. Click here for more information.

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