Tuesday, April 5, 4:00pm – 5:00 pm, Dialogue Space

During IHRA's 22nd Annual International Conference 2011 in Beirut, Lebanon, the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network will hold a session "Harm reduction in Eurasia: what are regional advocacy priorities?"                                 

The main objective of the discussion is to help recognize issues that need to be addressed in order to develop effective regional advocacy strategies to influence policy-making that affect access to and quality of harm reduction in the CEE/CA region as a whole and in individual countries. This session will result in ideas on possible advocacy actions, collaboration and networking opportunities with regional and national stakeholders.


  • Introduction of EHRN Mission, strategy, goals
  • Discussion: Regional advocacy priorities?
  • How to win the informational battle? How to address circulation of pseudo-information on harm reduction and create effective communication strategy
  • How to form advocacy coalitions with regional/national organizations?


  • Asta Minkeviciene, EHRN Executive Director 
  • Sergey Votyagov, EHRN Program Director 
  • Dasha Ocheret, EHRN Policy and Advocacy Program Manager