In 1987, the United Nations declared 26 June as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. United Nations International Treaties define the borders for drug policies – also on a local level. The conference on "Urban drug policies in the globalised world" is opening a pragmatic dialogue among those influencing and implementing drug policies in European and non-European cities.

The conference will be held under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague and the Municipal Council on the amazing premises of the Prague Municipal House.

The program of the conference "Urban Drug Policies in the Globalised World" will bring up the burning questions and recent developments in the field of urban drug policy and related interventions. The Conference aims to bring together three key groups of anti-drug policies at the municipal level, where the drug problem has its most visible impact and where the true solution to the problem always has to begin: (i) politicians and other crucial decision makers in the field of drug policies; (ii) the staff of programs planning and implementing drug interventions at the municipal level, and (iii) planners, evaluators, and researchers who focus on urban drug interventions.

The Conference is divided into three segments:

  1. A set of discussion panels of high-level municipal policy makers (i.e. mayors and executive officers responsible for drug-related issues)
  2. Scientific seminars dealing with three key areas of (i) municipal drug policy and its position within global and national drug policies, legislation, and treaties, (ii) the latest and most cutting-edge drug policy interventions at the urban and local levels and their impacts, and (iii) epidemiology, criminology, and other research fields in the analysis of the urban drug situation
  3. A set of workshops provided by top-level EU managers and practitioners in the field, focused on practical aspects of implementing novel interventions in prevention, treatment, law enforcement and harm reduction.

The programme of the conference is now available online.

Online registration: With online registration, you get several benefits, including lower conference fees, a better chance to take part in social events and activities, and regular updates on the conference until its very first day. The deadline for standard conference fees is 30 August 2010. Click here for online registration.

Stipends are available to participants from (a) candidate countries to the EU (Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia), (b) European non-EU countries, except Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway, and (c) South Caucasian and Central Asian countries. Click here for information on stipends/travel fellowships.