The changing use and misuse of Catha Edulis (khat) in a changing world: tradition, trade and tragedy

1 July 2009

The conference will present research on different aspects of khat (a naturally occurring stimulant plant, which contains the amphetamine-like cathinone) and its use at the Horn of Africa, in Europe and elsewhere. Topics will include:
1. Economic, ecological and political issues of khat use
2. The changing culture of khat use
3. Pharmacological, medical and psychological issues related to khat use
4. Legislation, regulation and international schedulling

Invited speakers will include researchers from different scientific domains, as well as representatives of international organisations, eg. UN, the US World Bank etc. The conference will aim to foster the interdisciplinary exchange and discussion about khat among researchers, policy makers, international organisations and community groups.

To attend, please submit an online application form via the conference website:
Closing date for applications: 15 July

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Linköping, Sweden
Start4 October 2009
End8 October 2009