By Péter Sárosi / Drug Reporter

There has been a media outcry about a leaked video in which the Finnish Prime Minister is partying with her friends. She is now accused of using cocaine. This whole scandal is a textbook example of what’s wrong with our attitudes to young people and drugs.

In the video the Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, is in an elevated mood, dancing with her friends. And that’s all.

But for the chorus of self-appointed protectors of public morality, this is scandalous.

“How terrible! She dares to feel good. What does this look like? Such an indecency. She represents a country for God’s sake! Is she a serious adult woman? How can she behave like a slut” – and so on.

Some media outlets are now accusing her of being under the influence of illegal drugs. Because they claim that one phrase – jauhojengi, meaning powder gang – from a leaked clip, refers to cocaine. Others contest and say that this word is more likely to be jallujengi, in reference to a Finnish alcoholic drink, Jaloviina.

The Prime Minister has now been called upon by the opposition to take a drug test (!) to prove that she is “innocent” and did not use any illegal substance. Ms. Marin said she is ready to undergo voluntary drug testing any time, because she “has never taken drugs”, she “only” drank alcohol.