With the words of our Focal Point in Slovenia, Katja Krajnc:

“In Slovenia, we still don’t have official DCR. Initial ideas of opening DCR in Ljubljana date from the middle of 90s. In 2004 NGO Stigma filed an official application for opening drug consumption room to the Governmental Office for Drugs, who unfortunately did not materialise the idea at the time. Shortly after, the Office was abolished and became a small part of Ministry of health. Four years later, in 2008 NGO Stigma (together with other NGOs and Union of non-governmental organisations working in the field of drug use and harm reduction) filed an amendment to Criminal Law to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which led to change in Criminal Law in 2012. The new amendment states that provision of place for drug use is still criminal offence. However, if an organisation provides treatment programmes or a controlled space for drug use, it is no longer considered criminal offence. It is though obligatory that the programme is under the control of relevant medical institution.