By István Gábor Takács / Drug Reporter

There are much more effective pills today to cure Hepatitis C infection than interferon treatment. Direct-acting antiviral (DAA) medications can treat your potentially life-threatening HCV infection in a few months, without any serious side effects. The problem is that even though treatment with these new types of drugs is available and covered by the health care system in Hungary,  marginalised people such as homeless people, people who use drugs, and sex workers either do not know about it, do not have a connection to the care system, or do not contact it due to previous negative experiences. This is what HepaGo wants to change.

The rented van of HepaGo. This new outreach project rolled onto the streets of Budapest in May 2020, with the aim of reaching out to these populations and providing them with various low-threshold services.
They provide free screening for HCV, HIV, and syphilis. Where there is a positive diagnosis, they provide counselling, and start arranging medical care. They visit the doctor together at Szt. László Hospital, and support people throughout the whole treatment procedure.

The program seeks funding to continue their important work. You can contact them here!