The Zimbabwe government has been called upon to decriminalise drug use in the country and instead put in place measures that will allow users to access, treatment, counselling and rehabilitation at public health centres.

The call was made by Wilson Box, the Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network director at a workshop on; “Mainstreaming drug use harm reduction in public health and community development interventions,” held at the ZESA Training Centre in Harare.

The Workshop was also attended by medical doctors, senior police officers, drug users and officials from various non-governmental organisations in public health delivery.

Presenting a paper titled; “Illicit drug use in Zimbabwe and Drug Policy Reform”, Box said there was need in Zimbabwe to decriminalise drug use.

“Decriminalising drug use is not legalising use of illicit drugs. But it is putting in place measures that will allow users to have access to treatment, counselling and rehabilitation,” he said.