Drugreporter’s partner, the DUNews filming crew visited Balti, a city of the Republic of Moldova to learn by experience about the harm reduction services. Watch their video!

Five cities of the EECA region are Almaty, Balti, Odessa, Sofia, and Tbilisi. United by the regional project of the Alliance of Public Health and Partners, with the support of the Global Fund, they undertook to stop AIDS and tuberculosis in their territories. We carefully examined this process and observed what will become the starting point for them: how strong the cities are right now, and how the project will change the services for the risk groups over, say, three years.

We present to you the point of view of DUNews on these five very different cities. They already have something to teach us, and the format we offer – research using video – gives us an excellent opportunity to see the city’s situation in its entirety and in detail.

Please enjoy and do not forget to use the interesting and useful solutions you can see in this film, in your work.

Meet the city of Balti, Republic of Moldova.

(Turn on English subtitles by clicking on the CC button at the right bottom of the video.)