Peter Sands will be the next executive director of the Global Fund. The decision was made by the Board on 14 November at its 38th meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. The decision comes five years less a day after Mark Dybul was selected to be the executive director in 2012. Dybul’s term ended on 31 May 2017. Since then, Marijke Wijnroks has been serving as Interim Executive Director.

The selection of Sands was accompanied by some high drama. On 10 November, Sands wrote an email to the Board leadership saying he was withdrawing from the competition “for personal reasons.” On 13 November, Sands wrote another email saying that he had changed his mind and that he wanted back in. On the morning of 14 November, the Board decided that Sands would be considered as one of the four shortlisted candidates. A few hours later, the Global Fund announced that Sands had been selected for the position.

The announcement did not say when Sands would start as the new E.D.

Peter Sands is currently Chairman of the World Bank’s International Working Group on Financing Pandemic Preparedness. He is also a Research Fellow at Harvard University, in both the Harvard Global Health Institute and the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, where he works on research projects in global health and financial regulation.

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