By Peter Sarosi and Istvan Gabor Takacs 

Our movie gives you an overview of the crisis of harm reduction programs in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where harm reducers don't receive support from the government but they keep doing their work and saving lives. 

When we visited the drop-in centre in Zenica, an industrial town in Bosnia-Herzegovina, I could hardly believe what I saw. The centre has an unusual neighbour, a kindergarten, that shares the building with a program that provides clean needles and syringes for injecting drug users. Downstairs, you see children’s drawings on the wall. Upstairs, you see HIV prevention posters. When I asked Denis Dedajic, the head of the program, to explain how can this be possible, he simply shrugged his shoulders. "For all these years, we never had any problems or incidents with them," he said. Good cooperation with the local community is one of the key elements of success for a harm reduction program.

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