Two studies commissioned in Liberia have simultaneously revealed that drugs, same sex and HIV remain the edges of latent conflict. Foundation Against Illicit Drugs and Child Abuse (FADCA) completed the quantitative Social and Economic Impact of Drugs, while Action Aid Liberia (AAL) conducted the qualitative Audience Insight Assessment among key population to the country’s HIV and AIDS response. 

The both studies, reviewed by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluations at the University of Liberia, have unearthed startling revelations that the problem of controlled drugs and substances especially with youth involvement demands a more realistic public health approach other than the traditional repressive raid, arrest and detention of suspected drug users. The studies equally uncovered the bemoaning extent to which stigma and discrimination against same sex (particularly MSM and transgender) unleashes social damage for future generations thereby creating more HIV vulnerability. The studies further revealed that HIV, drugs and same sex influence each other.

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