IDPC and the Eurasian Network of People who Use Drugs (ENPUD) are two of the partners in the global Harm Reduction Consortium that received support from the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund. This year, ENPUD will be providing a number of small grants to peer groups to support their local advocacy and activism – and the recipient organisations were invited to a three-day drug policy training workshop in the picturesque Odiseu Tourist Complex just outside of Chisinau, Moldova. IDPC were delighted to support this meeting, and Jamie Bridge (IDPC Senior Policy and Operations Manager) attended to speak about the international drug control system, the relevant UN agencies and processes, the Support Don’t Punish campaign, and how these all interact at the international, regional and national levels. The training event was held in English and Russian, and was attended by nearly 20 peer representatives from all across the Eurasia region.

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