We all wish for our loved ones to be safe and kept within a circle of protection, but what if we’re actively placing more harm than good on our nearest and dearest? What if our drug laws can be summarised with one simple voice – the voice of Anyone’s Child?

Global drug laws are a tricky thing to contemplate. Our emotive selves can often override facts and evidence. It’s easy to think in conceptual terms, to ponder on hypotheticals and disengage from reality, but when faced with a steely authenticity from an up-close perspective, it forces us to think in immediate and non-theoretical terms.

Following recent international trends, the UK has more drug related deaths and hospital admissions than ever before with 3,674 people having died from drug misuse in 2015 alone. Drug use has a history of being higher within youthful circles than the population as a whole. These are not mere numbers, these are not cold facts; this is a family’s fateful reality. For every drug death that we have on record, that’s a visit from the police to notify you that a treasured family member has passed away. 

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